I live in North Queensland, and as it’s in the Southern hemisphere, its approaching winter. The Queensland Education Department has decided that during terms 2 and 3, all air conditioners will be turned off in every school in Queensland. While this works great for cities down south like Brisbane, it’s not so great for up here where we are still getting temperatures in the high twenties.

Both students and teachers are feeling the heat and all we want is to have the air-con on. But noooooooooo. It’s not hot enough. Well people who made that rule, why don’t you come to North Queensland and feel the ‘cold’. Then maybe you will understand that North Queensland is different  and start treating us better.

North Queensland is a major producer of Queensland’s industries. We produce the coal, sugar, have many tourist destinations in other words we make most of the money for Queensland. But what does all this money get spent on? Useless billion dollar tunnels in Brisbane which nobody uses, that’s what. Meanwhile, here we are trying to find the money to fix up our atrocious roads filled with potholes.

Most North Queenslander’s want Queensland divided into two states. We feel that most of the money we make is being spent on the South East corner (that’s where Brisbane is for all you other people  who don’t know anything about Queensland). We know that’s where a lot of people live, but what about the rest of us? Don’t we matter? Of course we do, we produce all the money for our state and barely see a cent of it.

When the previous premier was asked about dividing Queensland, she said no because it would ruin the state of origin among her points. A football game! Can you belive that?! Our premier cares more about a bloody football game that the welfare of North Queenslander’s! No wonder she lost the next election.

We have been fighting for this since 1882! That’s 130 years! I think it’s time we start being treated fairly. Of course, if there was a vote, we would probably lose, because half of Queensland lives in the south. However, with the mining boom, and the population of North Queensland rising, it should hopefully only be a matter of time before we get what we deserve.

Most South Queenslander’s don’t believe any of it, and think it’s just us being melodramatic Well here’s to anyone who thinks that! Have you had to sit in a sweltering classroom after a physically draining lesson on HPE? Is your town famous for having the worst roads? Are your roads filled with potholes? I don’t think so.

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